Yukiko <3 Yukiko <3
Yukiko <3
Posted April 6th, 2015. At around 4 AM EST

Yukiko was a highschool student in Inaba when I found out about her, with my experience through SMT: Persona 3 and 4 I took away many memories of the characters in those games, but more-so, visually and personality-wise, I found Yukiko most interesting: She is shy most of the time, but with friends she becomes more cheerful and talkative. She is respectful, but isn't a afraid to let go once in awhile. She is occasionally oblivious to what people around her are saying-to/asking her about, leading to situations that aren't always comedic in the moment, but are remembered fondly as humorous.

The inner suffering she had with not just thinking she simply didn't have control over her own life, but that she was trapped into inheritance of her mothers lifestyle of servicing the Amagi Inn. Even after she realized she was in no further need of rescue from anybody but her own worries, she takes comfort in choosing the path of inheriting and keeping the Inn. I think we all feel a little trapped in our own lives at times, these sort of worries, at least to me, reach that little piece of home in that way, it just feels very human.

Some might say that she is boring, but I think being more ordinary is a positive, A more common everyday looking hero I can easily connect with, more than say an alien like Super Man or a rich do-gooder like Batman. I'm not really the type of person who would buy a body pillow of a character I feel would hold the traits my dream lover would have, but I'd say that most certainly I would consider Yukiko what I think is a prime example of somebody I would love, be it a sexual, or platonic. A good person that does what is right, but doesn't forgo the gracefulness of her feminine character to seem tough. She is one of the reasons I'll argue Japan has better women characters, because they don't have people looking down on them, telling them what is 'problematic' and what is 'correct' when we are talking about individuals here, with their own flaws and ambitions. No matter how simple or complex those may be.

So that is my quick sum-up/ramble on Yukiko, I'll consider reviewing the post and elaborating on more stuff soon. If you wanna hit me up about something email is in the about page.